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Written by: Daryl Petersheim

Verse 1:
A stone can be found at a place in the ground
Where the body of Jesus was laid
It was never inscribed with words to describe
The power that grave still displays
For this monument where Jesus was sent
Wasn’t carved with a story of death
It simply reveals a grave no longer sealed
And the empty tomb says the rest

No clever inscription could ever explain
What happened that wonderful day
And no epitaph could ever contain
The words such a message should say
No man-made description could ever describe
What’s spoken by the empty walls
The stone’s rolled aside with nothing inscribed
But the empty tomb says it all

Verse 2:
No black granite wall could hold nearly all
The names of our Saviour and Lord
And no mountain face would have enough space
For one line of His love to record
No one could relate to the numberless dates
For He has no beginning or end
The story goes on — His body is gone
And the tomb is empty again